Issue 14
December 1, 2022

Drinking with the Greats

Legends of British History, yes, but good value in the pub?

Where the River Joins the Water

Our resident pints correspondent headed out to the furthest reaches of the capital.

Restart my Fire

Jack Beaumont doesn't want to be on the job market.

In Defence of Mean Girls

Hell hath no horror like the bathroom of a girls' school.

Shreds of Approval

Like Gauguin, Misti Traya mixes her marmalade in shades of the purest vermillion.

Shiny Happy People

Sometimes, you have to go to SW7.

Standing on the Pipes

William Vandyck looks back at his career in a peculiar branch of the law.

Columba Palumbus, Living Amongst us

You should have read that in a headline in a Dr Dre voice. Anyway, here's a brilliant piece by Grace Linden about pigeon rehab.

Lifestyles of the Professionally Jaded

Kieran Morris vomits out a cute little investigation.

Mr Blobby Has a Cold

At a Tesco in Watford, Mr Blobby bears down on shoppers at speed

Put Money in thy Purse

Meeting the English activists who refuse to go cashless, and plot the return of proper currency, just like it used to be.

Restart my Fire

Jack Beaumont doesn't want to be on the job market.

So You’ve Failed your Doping Test

The finest excuses from the dopiest rope-a-dopers.

146 Questions with Adebayo Akinfenwa

In which we debut a new profile series set to take the magazine industry by storm. 

A Freak Is a Long Time in Politics

Here's the strongest squad of freaks ever assembled, who could take on any opposition: past or present, at home or abroad.