The Fence is a quarterly print magazine based in Soho, but focused on life in UK and Ireland. We offer a mix of investigations, short stories and cultural essays, all thread with a humourous and playful touch.

The Fence is the illegitimate offspring of Private Eye and Evelyn Waugh, with a bloodline that stretches back to Gillray and Rowlandson.’ – Graydon Carter

The Fence is witty, insightful, often bonkers and the most interesting publication to hit newsstands in aeons.’ – Marina O’Loughlin.

‘The essential skewer for our inessential page’ – Ben Schott

‘In our opinion, The Fence is Britain’s fifth best magazine’ – Viz (Britain’s fourth best magazine.’

‘You should subscribe to The Fence is funny, clever and rude.’


If you would like to write for us, Please send a detailed pitch through to [email protected]

We accept pitches in all our sections except fiction, unfortunately. First-time writers are especially welcome. We do try to reply to all pitches, but owing to the volume of submissions we receive, it might take us some time.

If you would like to enquire about an order, please contact [email protected] fence.com

All commercial and general enquiries are to be sent to [email protected]