Issue 13
October 1, 2022

Blair’s Blokes

A collection of essays on the men who stood tall in the age of Sir Tony.

The Rhyme of the Ancient Marketer

People say there’s no money in poetry. Mike Garry begs to differ.

Goblin Mode

Our editor-at-large tries to buy a new friend.

Around About the Trent

Josh Mcloughlin issues a call to arms to the North - and to the Midlands.

Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Where do you take an Irish hen party? Blackpool, of course.

Think You’re Hard Enough?

How do you spot a hard man? You ask the world’s hardest man.

Destitution Row

A modest compendium of those who died penniless.

With a Thud

What happens when a story you’ve worked on for months doesn’t land with a bang?

Do I Dare to Eat a Peach?

Why are T.S Eliot’s letters so deathly dull? We asked an expert to ask other Eliot experts about OId Possum's epistolary style.

Strangers in the Night

Our resident booze maven went for a night out in Parliament.

They Log You Off, Your Mum and Dad

My son may need to spend some time offline.

Silicon Playgrounds

A vision of the future in Tallinn.

Splitting Hares

Following the white hare all the way down into Ampthill.

The Wild Bull of the Pampas

Singing, swinging, and hunting for suburban smut.