Issue 15
April 20, 2023

You’re Tearing Me Apart, Lisa

What do you do when Tommy Wiseau turns up outside your dorm room?

Taxi Cab Confessionals

On the trail of Brian Richard Martin, the Yorkshire businessman and paedophile who bought a school.

An American Tail

A story about a redoutable rodent (it’s not Ratatouille).

The Julian Fellowes Benevolent Fund

Caspar Salmon examines the decline and fall of the UK film industry. (Sorry about all the italics.)

Just the Tonic

Let's celebrate 2,000 years of drinking to feel better.

Las Babas del Diablo

Tracking down the young actor plastering his face all over Soho.

Something Is Rotten on the Street of Denmark

Outernet is one of the most controversial new buildings in central London. We sent our pints correspondent for an evening under its glaring great screens.

A Postcard from Vesuvius

A brief look at the surprisingly complex history of the trinket trade.

Fashion Beasts!

Lifting the lid on an industry that acts with zero accountability.

From Rushdie with Love

A guide to making millions from your postcolonial trauma.

The Definitive Guide to Scouseness

One of Southport’s own studies the tribes of Merseyside.

Death of a Sellout

It’s very hard trying to keep it real.

Point and Click

A short story from Switzerland.

A Snoozer’s Guide to London

A guide to the best places to nap in central London.

Lib Dems Around the World

We proffer some brand solutions for Britain’s beleaguered third party.

Comfort in Solitude

A sheath of curios from the country's favourite radio programme, Desert Island Discs.

Severn’s Samurai

Fighting an army of angels with the scariest man in the world.

Final Acts

Here’s a lesser-spotted history of grand farewells from people who died doing what they loved: saying and/or doing strange things.

Helter Skelter in Honiton

There are some crazy cats down in Devon.