Issue 8
July 1, 2021

Monkey Tennis

A compendium of excruciatingly bad pitches.

The Empty Plinth

A brief search for the great artworks that were never made.


A short story about a gay bull.

London Haunts: The Graveyard Shift

Picking up flowers and life hacks among the bones of the dead.

Club Couture

You've been subpoena'd by Anna Wintour! An inside look at London Fashion Week.

Why Are you Asking me This?

We asked a host of eminent minds a series of inane questions.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Are the Romans funny? Were they ever? Max Norman takes in Michael Fontaine’s How to Tell a Joke: An Ancient Guide to The Art of Humour.

In Search of Memsahib

Sejal Sukhadwala went looking for a restaurant that no longer exists.

How to Spot a Secret Tory

How come the Conservative Party maintains power? Because these people keep voting for them.

Lunch with The Fence

The Terminator is an actor, columnist and comedian