Issue 9
October 1, 2021

In the Beginning Was the Blurb

Stunning, vital and multi-hued investigation into how books get blurbed.

The Low Road

A Highlands short story, bittersweet in taste.

Buy and Shell

Inside the battle for Fabergé's last eggs.

Almost Famous

For almost ten years, one writer has been trying to make his child's nursery school teacher into a superstar.

The Worst Bar in London?

Nights out in Chelsea are nothing like TV.

How British is Succession?

We sink our teeth into the show that everyone is talking about.

Yours Faithfully, Tigercub

One post-recession summer spent building up a photographic archive of Ireland’s political elite.

Brand Management

What was Russell Brand like in 2007? Read on to find out more.

This Is Your Knife

Culinary students and masochists search for chefs willing to let them glance upon their kingdom, all in exchange for free labour.

Jurassic Park

Digging among the fossilised remains of Web 1.0.