Issue 7
April 1, 2021

A Jesus Fish out of Water

Our investigation, in collaboration with the Guardian, looks back at the controversial politician’s year in south-west London.

Exit, Pursued by a Bear

In the wake of London's post-pandemic reopening, our insider pondered the future of the necrotic British theatre industry.

Shit Literary Siblings

With tales of forgotten literary siblings now in vogue, we are pleased to introduce you to some forgotten and frankly forgettable blood relations of the canon.

My Year in Somerset

A tender story of a quarantine shared with Gran.

Fourth Estate or Fifth Column?

We asked a series of journalists and experts how they saw the relationships between patronage, print and power in Britain today.

Lockdown Culture with Werner Herzog

We recently had five minutes with the venerable German director, and used that time to ask him about his cultural pursuits during a year of lockdown

The Appellation Way

We take a trip down the Companies House rabbit hole.

Hounds of Love

Digging into the dark world of puppy breeding.

No Choice But to Stan

From try-hard to die-hard, here is a guide to who likes what and why.

The Nothing Game

Ripping up concepts with meek meek text.

Are You Being Served?

The inside scoop from a personal shopper who slung beautiful garms to the stars.