Flann on Call

Our Westminster correspondent, Flann O'Brien, has identified a new revenue stream.

The Opportunistic Emails of Benjamin Disraeli

Dizzy will do anything to see his name emboldened within print.

The Busiest Man in Journalism

A Zoom call with the New York Times’ New York Times correspondent, David Gallipoli-Jones.

Mild Swimming

Reporting live on Photogenica Moneyshire, last seen at Highgate Ponds.

The Diary of Samuel Pepys, iPhone Addict

Thence I to my office, and all afternoon opening and closing the Guardian homepage.

Flann at the Pub

Our correspondent, Flann O’Brien, tours Westminster, bringing us news, views, and change from a twenty, depending on your round.

London Train Stations as Serial Killers

A conceit upon the history of our rail service.

Diary of an Urban Parson: Rev. Refreshed

Excerpts from the prayer-journal of the Rev J.J Cowan MA (Oxon), Vicar of St Ewolds, Stoke Newington.

English Lit. Canon and their Current Views on Brexit

Daniel Defoe photoshops Marina Hyde articles, and Chaucer just has a bizarre obsession with Anna Soubry.

Flann in the Club

In which our Westminster correspondent attends a centrist club night at Mahiki.