Lunch With Laurence Fox

In a new series, we take London’s most compelling figures to lunch with one of our writers. They choose the restaurant; we foot the bill.

How to Spot a Secret Tory

How come the Conservative Party maintains power? Because these people keep voting for them.

Lunch with The Fence

The Terminator is an actor, columnist and comedian

How the Sausage Gets Socialed

Ben Schott scours the online noticeboard for the very strangest research enquiries.

Shall We Split This?

It’s easy to find a nice place to propose, but what if you’re on the outs? Arthur Savile gives his guide to the capital’s finest dumping diners.

Boomers for Zoomers

We imagine how famous Boomers would cope in jobs characteristically performed by Gen Z-ers.

The Star-Spangled Book Deal

Kieran Morris suggests you drape your next manuscript in the red, white and blue.

Monkey Tennis

A compendium of excruciatingly bad pitches.

No Choice But to Stan

From try-hard to die-hard, here is a guide to who likes what and why.


A summer festival guide from the Rt. Hon. Sir Keir Starmer KCB KC, Leader of His Majesty's Opposition