Séamas O’Reilly

With a Thud

What happens when a story you’ve worked on for months doesn’t land with a bang?

No Such Thing, Part Two

A celebration of all things Irish, in which we take Annie Mac to lunch at Daffodil Mulligan for St Patrick's Day.

FBPE Fantasia

Unpicking the last four years of Remaniac delusions.

Flann on Call

Our Westminster correspondent, Flann O'Brien, has identified a new revenue stream.

Flann at the Pub

Our correspondent, Flann O’Brien, tours Westminster, bringing us news, views, and change from a twenty, depending on your round.

Flann in the Club

In which our Westminster correspondent attends a centrist club night at Mahiki.

Evelyn Waugh: Fictive Seer

Examining the links between England's leading post-war novelist and Brexit.