How the Sausage Gets Socialed

Ben Schott scours the online noticeboard for the very strangest research enquiries.

Welcome to #journorequest – Twitter’s panhandling hashtag where on-deadline hacks lurk like Sirens, luring experts to share their hard-won wisdom and exhibitionists their wacky experience.

Back in the day, securing a quote from a cosmetic surgeon (or an interview with a Botox fetishist) meant phoning around or, heaven forfend, leaving the office. Now, the entire Twitterverse echo chamber can be canvassed with a click.

Below is a haphazard selection of recent #journorequest entreaties – the fruits of which have long been folded into the media mix.

Josh Saunders @saundersjoshua

Looking to speak to anyone who has met Kate Middleton and had a positive experience for a sensitive piece in @TheSun. DMs are open or email. #KateMiddleton #Royals #Royal #RoyalFamily #journorequest #prrequest #journorequests

Anna Bartter @annaloveswords

Looking please to speak to anyone who has had a ‘tweakment’ eg Botox, fillers, without telling their husband, friends, mum (but happy to share with me – can be anonymous!) #journorequest #tweakment

Julian Bovill @BovillJulian

Looking to speak to families of / or veterans themselves regarding Tony Blair’s knighthood and the petition that is circling to have it revoked. My email address is in my bio if this is you. Thanks. #journorequest #blair #iraq @PRJournoRequest

Kimberley Bond @0xKimberley

I’m looking for a sex expert on how to master the art of having *quiet* sex when staying with family over Christmas. Not for me, sadly, but for a piece in a woman’s mag. Deadline Thursday morning. Please email [–] if you can help. Thanks! #journorequest

Katie Baskerville@iambaskerville

Still looking to speak to a psychologist on our obsessions with doppelgängers. Needed ASAP. @PressPlugs #journorequest #pressplugs

Siân (sh-arn) Abigail Bradley @sianabradley

Hi, I’m looking to speak to a registered gynaecologist about celibacy / abstaining from sex. my email is. It’s for a piece in Cosmo UK. Cheers!

Tanyel Mustafa @TanyelMustafa

Have you been in an open relationship that later went back to being closed? I’d like to hear from you for a story looking at this dynamic for @MetroUK_Life – it’ll be handled sensitively. DM or email (in bio) if that’s you. #journorequest

Andrew Ellson @andrewellson

Has anyone experienced any problems with Pret a Manger’s drinks subscription service? Such as drinks being unavailable? If you have or know anyone who has, I’d love to hear from you. Many thanks! #journorequests #journorequest

Eimear O’Hagan @EimearFreelance

#journorequest Looking for a #dad in a #samesex relationship for a Father’s Day feature.

Rachel @ExohRayy

looking for a Harry Potter enthusiast to comment on why people want to be in certain houses for a PR campaign. #journorequest #harrypotter #PRrequest

Ellen Nguyen @ellengau

Have you ever dated your friend’s ex or had a friend dating your ex? How has it affected your friendship? Women only. For a Glamour article ASAP please (by tomorrow) #journorequest @PRJournoRequest @editorielle

AmberTesia @Amber_Tesia

Writing about hot chocolate. What do you think makes a good hot choc? Thank you. #HotChocolate @PRJournoRequest #PRRequest #journorequest

Viola Levy @ViolaLevy

Calling all PRs / perfume people: looking for scents which have tomato leaf in them for an article. Cheers. #journorequest (No media alerts needed, thank you.)

Gregory Robinson@GregoryJourno

Hello! I’m looking to speak with a woman who is currently dating or has dated a man shorter than her after Zendaya and Tom Holland’s spider man interview. if that’s you email me [XXX] #journorequest #prrequest

Emily Hill @3milyhill

Writing about #wokefishing.

Have you been seduced by a partner who pretends to be woke? Please reply below / follow & DM. #prrequest #journorequest

Kate Chapman@_KateChapman

Looking for women, 40+, who live / work in extreme UK locations. Maybe the north, east, south and west extremities of the country, or someone who runs the most northerly pub, works in the tallest windmill but MUST involve some kind of geographical extremity! #journorequest PLS RT

Lola @Lolachristina

Are there any women out there who have NO ambitions to own a house one day / are very happy to rent for the long term? Do you wanna share your views for a Cosmopolitan piece? send me a DM me if that’s you and pls RT! #journorequest

Mia de Graaf @miadegraaf

Are you (or anyone you know) deliberately trying to contract Covid / Omicron? I’d love to chat to you. My DMs are open / email [–] #journorequest

Tom Clabon @TEClabon

Do you live in #Mundesley? Are you concerned by the recent cliff fall? If so, I’d love to speak to you today for @GHRNorfolk #journorequest

Gillian Harvey #PerfectonPaper @GillPlusFive

Looking for women aged 45+ who go all out for MayDay. Do you dance around the MayPole? Do a bit of Morris Dancing? Have you been, or crowned, a May Queen? Anything else that I haven’t even considered? Let me know:) For lovely magazine. #journorequest

[All email addresses have been redacted]

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