Issue 11
April 1, 2022

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

A deep dive into the private life of a public servant with a dangerous penchant.

Blackbird Fly, Blackbird Fly

On the hunt for a rare cinematic jewel.

Nobel Endeavours

We asked the smartest people in the world some of the stupidest questions we could think of.

Orbán Hymns

Pulling at the frayed edges of Hungarian soft power, one recently deceased conservative philosopher at a time.

Live at the Kashmir

Digging into a legendary dinner at a Yorkshire curry house.

How the Sausage Gets Socialed

Ben Schott scours the online noticeboard for the very strangest research enquiries.

Shall We Split This?

It’s easy to find a nice place to propose, but what if you’re on the outs?

The Star-Spangled Book Deal

Drape your next manuscript in the red, white and blue.

Forman, Grilled

Fishy business inside a very strange salmon smokehouse.

Model Citizens

How one writer’s father found themselves operating a rubber Mrs Thatcher for a living.

Lest, We Forgot

Six months after its foiling, we explored the impermanence of scandal around an abortive terrorist tragedy in Liverpool.

Whips and Chains

A year at the heart of the Fifty Shades of Grey storm.

Time to Play the Game

Flat-sharing with a hapless lothario.

Grow Your Own

Exploring the innumerable failures and scandals of the Pick For Britain campaign.

Bright Lights, Big City

Paul Toner walks down the halls of his old fashion college.

Shooting an Iguana

Look out lizards! Amateur gunmen stalk the Florida swamps.

Orlando’s Odyssey

Two continents, one precocious cat, and an owner determined to risk it all.

The Female Gays

The puking, leaking, egg-wielding glories of Sapphic cinema.


A short story about birds, boats, and fictive pleasure.