Hounds of Love

Frankie Lister-Fell investigates the dark world of puppy breeding.

My Year in Somerset

James Bloodworth tells the story of a quarantine shared with his grandma.

A Jesus Fish out of Water

Our investigation, in collaboration with the Guardian, looks back at the controversial politician’s year in south-west London.

Monet! Monet! Monet!

When does someone’s money become unacceptable? It seems that might be the case for one particular family. You might know a bit about the Sacklers.

Food Fight

Over the past few years, food media has become a fractious place

Pray not to Be Gay

Inside the sick, sad world of conversion therapy.

Life on the Cut

Projectile excrement, dodgy deals and bizarre characters – Josh Mcloughlin reveals life as a continuous cruiser on London’s waterways.

Who Called Boris on Friday?

A tipster’s guide to which donor forced through the grouse shooting exemption.

Our Friends in Hereford

A military insider explains why the Special Air Service is permitted to act with deadly impunity.

Digital Media Carnage

An insider at a prominent media company reports on their five years at the content coalface.