Hounds of Love

Digging into the dark world of puppy breeding.

My Year in Somerset

A tender story of a quarantine shared with Gran.

A Jesus Fish out of Water

Our investigation, in collaboration with the Guardian, looks back at the controversial politician’s year in south-west London.

Are You Being Served?

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Fourth Estate or Fifth Column?

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Inside the Producer’s Studio

Factual television is one of the most influential arenas in British culture. But our insider has serious concerns about what is happening behind the camera.

In Sickness and in Health

Pledging your life to another person is quite a big step. Doing it in a pandemic is something else altogether.

Food Fight

Over the past few years, food media has become a fractious place.

Pray not to Be Gay

Inside the sick, sad world of conversion therapy.

Life on the Cut

Projectile excrement, dodgy deals and bizarre characters – that's life as a continuous cruiser on London’s waterways.