The Ideas Man

For the last few months, James Waddell has been investigating an institution.

Splitting Hares

Jade Angeles Fitton follows the white hare down into Ampthill.

They Stroke Horses, Don’t They?

Isobel Thompson investigates the world of equine semen.

With a Thud

What happens when a story you've worked on for months doesn't land with a bang?

Lost in the Woods

Guy Shrubsole’s project, the Lost Rainforests of Britain, has morphed from a Twitter survey to a best-selling book, and now is a project with opaque financial backing that looks to guide government policy.

Restart my Fire

Jack Beaumont doesn't want to be on the job market.

Las Babas del Diablo

Róisín Lanigan tracks down the young actor plastering his face all over Soho.

Taxi Cab Confessionals

On the trail of Brian Richard Martin, the Yorkshire businessman and paedophile who bought a school.

Mr Martin Bought the School

For five years, Mark Blacklock has been investigating Queen Ethelburga’s, a fee-paying school in Yorkshire, whose proprietor is a convicted paedophile.

Standing on the Pipes

William Vandyck looks back at his career in a peculiar branch of the law.