Issue 4
July 1, 2020

Digital Media Carnage

An insider at a prominent media company reports on their five years at the content coalface.

On The Trail of the ‘Ndrangheta

The infamous organised crime group has smothered the Italian region of Calabria. But have they come to London?

Empire State of Mind

Imogen West-Knights imagines what her life will be like when she moves to New York after all this is over, as someone who has never been to either New York or America.

All Possible Plots by Major Authors

We praise canonical authors for their boundless imagination. Then why do all their plots feel the same?

Flann on Call

Our Westminster correspondent, Flann O'Brien, has identified a new revenue stream.

National Harambe Service

A short story on death, memes, and the National Health Service.

Samuel Pepys’ Plague Diaries

A famous diarist struggles through the coronavirus.

A Series of Unfortunate Names

George Hitler declined to speak to the writer.