‘Haha’ is a cover all, a verbal disguise, it’s probably the most common fig leaf since the Church took against marble penises in the 16th century.

Monkey Tennis

A compendium of excruciatingly bad pitches.

The View from Mount Olympus

2012’s Summer Olympics were a harbinger of the dreadful decade to come.

In the Beginning Was the Blurb

Stunning, vital and multi-hued investigation into how books get blurbed.

The Appellation Way

We take a trip down the Companies House rabbit hole.

At the Altar of Capital

How the Conservative Party lost their religion to the pull of the market.

All Possible Plots by Major Authors

We praise canonical authors for their boundless imagination. Then why do all their plots feel the same?

The Governess Confesses

In servitude to Moscow’s super-rich.

Bonus Bonanza

Want to know how much bankers earn? A veteran lays out the unblushing figures.

The Opportunistic Emails of Benjamin Disraeli

Dizzy will do anything to see his name emboldened within print.