The View from Mount Olympus

2012’s Summer Olympics were a harbinger of the dreadful decade to come.

The Worst Bar in London?

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A Series of Unfortunate Names

George Hitler declined to speak to the writer.

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Exit, Pursued by a Bear

In the wake of London's post-pandemic reopening, our insider pondered the future of the necrotic British theatre industry.

In Sickness and in Health

Pledging your life to another person is quite a big step. Doing it in a pandemic is something else altogether.

At the Altar of Capital

How the Conservative Party lost their religion to the pull of the market.

The State of Nature

A classic treatise against men writing about the natural world.

Life on the Cut

Projectile excrement, dodgy deals and bizarre characters – that's life as a continuous cruiser on London’s waterways.

FBPE Fantasia

Unpicking the last four years of Remaniac delusions.