The Fence is an independent quarterly magazine based in London. We publish essays, comic sketches, investigations and fiction. The magazine ships internationally but is focused around life in the UK and Ireland.

In an industry that often fails to make space for them, we are committed to championing the work of young writers. All contributors are paid. 

While we are open for submissions, we strongly recommend that you read the print magazine before pitching, and also sign up to the weekly newsletter too. This will give you a feel for style and tone.


Within the magazine, there are four sections, each with a different tone: ‘Facts’, ‘Features’, ‘Fiction’, ‘Etc’.


The remit here is extremely broad: some pieces are written by experts and give the reader insight into an important institution. Here are a couple of examples: an ‘insider’ piece from a journalist at the BBC, and an anonymous dispatch from a senior investment banker.

At the same time, we are especially keen on pieces with a comic edge, like this investigation into the absurd reaches of Companies House

In 2022, we are very interested in stories from the worlds of sport, fashion and music.

We look to commission pieces at either 1000 or 2000 words. While we can run pieces anonymously, articles have much greater impact if they are published under a byline.


Fortunately, we have the capability to run investigative features, like this undercover report into conversion therapy, or Francis Martin’s long-read into Brampton Manor Academy. If you want to pitch a piece of similar ambition, then we will need to meet in-person to find out more about you and your proposal. 

Every issue, we’ll carry a witty, incisive cultural essay, like this piece on the state of nature writing. We also do like dry, funny insider pieces, like this one by Jade Angeles Fitton, or we just like straight-up funny articles: here’s one about the worst bar in London.

Regarding length, we can go up to 6,000 words in the features section, but generally commission pieces from 1,500 to 2,500 words.


We are closed for submissions in fiction.


This is the back of the book section: where we place the parodies, listicles, screeds and satires. Most of this is written in-house, but do have a look at this sharp little short piece by Imogen West-Knights, or this number on London coffee shops as bad dates for inspiration. 


We carry time-sensitive pieces for the weekly newsletter, Off The Fence, and we usually commission at around 900-1200 words, though we can make the odd exception. Needless to say, we do also welcome hints and tips for the newsletter.


You should pitch us an idea at editorial@the-fence.com it’s very important to send it to this address, even if you’ve written for us before.

If you’re a first-time writer, you’re especially welcome too.

We look forward to hearing from you, but owing to the volume of submissions, we might be a bit slow to get back to respond – but we will reply eventually.