A Novel Guide

Finally got that first book published? Our anonymous insider tells you what happens next.

From Rushdie with Love

A guide to making millions from your postcolonial trauma.

In the Beginning Was the Blurb

Stunning, vital and multi-hued investigation into how books get blurbed.

Brand Management

What was Russell Brand like in 2007? Read on to find out more.

Lockdown Culture with Werner Herzog

We recently had five minutes with the venerable German director, and used that time to ask him about his cultural pursuits during a year of lockdown. 

The State of Nature

A classic treatise against men writing about the natural world.


Do good novelists have to write good novels?

Mild Swimming

Reporting live on Photogenica Moneyshire, last seen at Highgate Ponds.

Conversations with Friends about Sally Rooney

An epistolary inquiry into the zeitgeist, the novels, the publishers and me.

English Lit. Canon and their Current Views on Brexit

Daniel Defoe photoshops Marina Hyde articles, and Chaucer just has a bizarre obsession with Anna Soubry.